Specialize in premium full-flower cannabis CBD extracts.
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Full Flower, full spectrum Cannabis Extracts

Premium Medicinal and Adult-Use Cannabis Products

Grown and Manufactured in the Lost Coast of Humboldt County, California




Our mission is to create the highest quality medicinal and adult use cannabis products in an environmentally conscious way, while also helping those in need. The quality of our products is directly related to our sourcing of premium cannabis flower, grown in Humboldt County California, by conscientious local farmers. By only using full cannabis flower, not by-product, and manufacturing with a quality over quantity ethic, we achieve the medicinal and recreational efficacy desired. Lost Coast Botanicals has been a Humboldt County owned and operated brand since 2013.



Our Products

At Lost Coast Botanicals we manufacture premium quality, small batch, medicinal and adult use cannabis products. The primary ingredient in all of our products is our full flower, raw, cannabis oil extracts. These extracts are derived from premium cannabis flower, not by-product, grown in and around the Lost Coast, Humboldt County California in an environmentally conscious way. The cannabis flower is tested to exacting standards to assure that only the cleanest source material possible is used to refine our raw cannabis oil. Our manufacturing process is designed to create a cannabis oil that retains as much of the strain specific cannabinoids and terpenes as possible in order to preserve the original botanical qualities. We offer a full spectrum of CBD to THC ratios to assure that what ever the customers cannabis needs are, Lost Coast Botanicals can provide the highest quality products to address them. Our raw cannabis extract is available to customers packaged in syringes and vaporizer cartridges. The cannabis oil is also used to create tinctures that can be administered in exact dosage to allow a consistency in the users experience. Our cannabis salve is used topically for medicinal, therapeutic, and body care needs. At Lost Coast Botanicals, we are excited about bringing premium cannabis products to the emerging market, and continuing to be a part of the development of new products that can bring relief, health, and recreation to our customers.